By way of introduction

This morning I’ll be acting characteristically when I do two things: I’ll be hemming a pair of jeans for my son, and I’ll be taking a bike ride down the lake shore.

My son’s at an age where he needs pants in men’s sizes, a bit shorter than they’re sold. He’ll be growing faster soon; I’ve just last week let the hem on a pair I did last year down more than two inches. We measured this new pair a few nights ago. Once I turned up the cuffs on the inside, and pulled them off him holding on to the cuff so as not to lose the length, I ironed a crease where the bottom will be. That seems to work better than pinning for me. I use what’s called a tailor’s hem, it has a zig-zag shape. I do it by hand; I had a sewing machine inherited from a relative but never used it, and lost it in a move sometime. I prefer hand working whenever possible anyway. For years I kept my old army sewing kit in my desk drawer at work, and sometimes made major repairs with it. It helps to have a door you can shut if it’s your pants. I remember a secretary’s astonishment once to find me repairing a cheap umbrella, sewing the canopy back on the ribs.

My bike, which is a Schwinn Continental I’ve lightened and modernized from found parts, is going to get its own post one of these days. I set great store by adaptations that can be done in situ, with available materials, employing only imagination and understanding of the problem. Nothing bought gives me a nonce of the psychic satisfaction something found, made, or repaired does.

One Response to “By way of introduction”

  1. mcmc Says:

    Hurray! We blog! Well, you blog. I journal.

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