So, did you die or something?

At the end of January I started a contract assignment.  It’s not long-term or anything, but the impact of working has caused making entries here to be dropped completely.  I’d known things would be different when I started working outside the house, but I’m genuinely surprised by how different they are.  I get up very early and drive on the expressways and toll roads for about an hour—a little less in the morning, a little more in the evening, actually—so that I drive about seventy-five miles a day.  At work I have fairly undemanding work to do, although we’ve had our adventures and I’ve been instrumental in upgrading the work, so much that we’re actually being paid more to keep us.  I like the people I work with.

 The impact on my habits has been profound, however.  I wouldn’t have thought I was doing very much serious housework, wouldn’t have wanted to claim I was, anyway, but we feel the lack.  Trying to make up in the few hours I have left before it’s bedtime doesn’t leave much time: I’m talking about basic stuff like cleaning the kitchen, laundry and keeping up with the bills and mail.  If I had every evening for this stuff it might be manageable, although we’d still have to let things go, but two or three nights a week I’ve had something going on, and my wife does too.  That leaves everything else seriously behind.

There’ve been other changes, too.  My riding has had to be pushed to weekends, at the most three hours a week.  I’ve had to defer maintenance on bike, car and house in a way I find frustrating.  I have to multitask, and make the most of my time.  I never get enough sleep, and haven’t been able to read except in tiny snatches.  Anything sustained or difficult has been out of the question.

  The upshot is that I’m very seldom at the computer for long at home.  Like many workers, I’m easily able to comment on blogs from work, since it’s easy to work while checking blogs and snapping off small comments, but blogging is more time-consuming, and I haven’t been able to do it.  So while I’ve had ideas, and some activity—Niles Frantz himself commented, and I’m only now acknowledging it—I haven’t felt like doing anything. 

 But, I’m starting at last to get a grip, and will be back among the bloggers very soon now.

One Response to “So, did you die or something?”

  1. Di Kotimy Says:

    Welcome back — looking forward to future posts! It’s sad how jobs interfere with the important work of blogging, no?

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