Or something very much like it, on the bike just now. It rained on and off all day, and there was a big parade—Indian National Day—that I didn’t want to get caught up in. It rained again during dinner, but by just past 7:30 it had dried off. So I rode off in the dusk, and found conditions wonderful. The lakeshore path South of Ardmore was as nearly deserted as I have ever seen it, and the recent rain filled the air with the scents of trees and grasses, and there was a firm breeze off the lake. The feeling of happiness just started breaking over me in waves. I’m sure some of it is shear physical release, some the endorphins. But there is something else too.

I’m feeling I need to address the special feeling I have for solitary experiences, especially when they take me by surprise. I’m a very gregarious person, very prone to loneliness and with a hunger for companionship and communication. But my most intense experiences, at least on a regular basis, always occur when I’m alone. I’m going to write about this very soon, as I finish up with the car thoughts.


2 Responses to “Ecstasy”

  1. CharleyCarp Says:

    The epiphanic intensity of solo experience is pretty common, I think, and probably has to do with the clutter that the presence of another necessarily brings. There’s also the question of context: you wouldn’t bring a friend along on a vision quest, nor would you expect to be alone at a bacchanalia.

    Did you ever read Outerbridge Reach? I’m sorry that I didn’t think to recommend it on tape for your long commute, as I think, from your online persona, that this is a book with which you’ll have a meaningful experience.

  2. idontpay Says:

    I read the Amazon excerpt just now. Thank you, Charley, I will get that.

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