We had some damage this time, in our utility/laundry room. We’d let stuff pile up there for years, and when this time the drain in the floor clogged with debris, about an inch of water gathered. That was Thursday night. I spent most of the last two days cleaning it out, laboriously sorting the vast number of things, mostly screws and other fasteners and assorted hardware that got spilled over time, and then coated with some kind of muck. In all this I’ve thrown out things I have no idea why I thought to save, and before throwing out a dehumidifier that had stopped working years ago though new, took a few minutes to see if I could figure out why it didn’t work. Within fifteen minutes I found it in the switch, set it for always on, and put it back together. It’s running now next to my son’s all-day-every-day computer station, and while he complains about the noise, he wears a headset with mike anyway, and I can already feel the difference, even from before. I had meant to get to the cleanup soon, but now I have no choice. I’m hoping to clean and sort all the rooms in the basement for the next few weeks of free time, if that’s how long I have. I’ll build up a great deal of capital for better living in the process, get back the use of things like the dehumidifier—I’m sure there’ll be other examples—and just live more comfortably. That way the whole interlude will be positive; the list of things I can do, with existing tools and spending nearly nothing, is very long. I should, and do feel lucky.


4 Responses to “Flood”

  1. The Modesto Kid Says:

    Good luck with that and that something gave you the impetud, sucky an impetus though it might have been. My basement has been in needs-cleaning mode for about a year now and I dread to think what a flood would bring me.

  2. The Modesto Kid Says:

    Erm, and I meant to say sorry for your flood — the above might be inappropriately read as making a joke of it, but I was meaning rather to commiserate with you in the unwanted work.

  3. Di Kotimy Says:

    Sorry you got nailed by the weather — from talking to folks at work, friends, etc., it seems you are far from alone on this one. I’m counting my blessings that the storms seem to have barely touched us, other than a good soaking.

    Good luck with the clean up. As TMK said above, it stinks to suddenly have to deal with it. But hopefully all the unexpected rewards, like the dehumidifier, will make it all worthwhile.

  4. Megan Says:

    Putting things straight can be very satisfying. Since you have the time, I hope you get lots done.

    (Besides, think of how fabulous this will be for your feng shui, clearing out all that stagnant chi.)

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