Shortest day of the year

But it’s warm today, almost forty, so I’ve taken a ride for the first time in over a week: there’s been too much ice and snow before today. When I turned around at Belmont it was 4:20 and already dark.

I’ve been denned-up lately, hardly getting out of the house except to shop or pick the kids up at trains.  Being out and exercising meant a recovery of good spirits.  I’ve been dwelling on age, age appropriateness and its barriers lately, a topic appropriate for the season.  Not very communicative.  I’ve commented here and there, but not so very much, and I’ve been feeling I have nothing to say.  But I’m sure that will pass.  Riding was fun, but the first day, with a kind of automatic action, always is.  It’s the second day when you feel the motions are alien and unfamiliar.


2 Responses to “Shortest day of the year”

  1. Penny Says:

    I came over to see how you were doing. You are missed at the other place.

    I’ve been indoors for over a month now, and also uncommunicative. Canada can be like that, I think. Good you’re riding.

  2. I don't pay Says:

    Would it were so, but since about New Year’s, it’s been very cold and snowy here too; the most continuous snow cover in a long time. A winter out of my childhood in the Ottawa Valley. We’re all going stir crazy.

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